How do we measure the impact of our work here at Artistri Sud? This is an important concern for a nonprofit organization, to help us track our performance and improve wherever possible. We want to show you how far your support goes and give you a sense of the lives you have changed. In the past, we have evaluated our impact on our direct beneficiaries: the women who participate in our ASSET program. However, our Theory of Change is based on the assumption, which is supported by a growing body of research, that empowering women socially and economically is the key to greater overall development and poverty reduction – by helping women, we are helping entire families and communities. In other words, this organization is striving to improve the lives of women artisans and many others – indirectly. So, how can we find out how many people we help in this way?

It is straightforward to calculate our direct beneficiaries since they are the women who participate in our ASSET programs. However, others are undeniably affected by these women’s success, such as their children or people who are employed as a result of the growth in the women’s businesses. Though the number of indirect beneficiaries is an estimation, it is important to take into account these recipients in order to understand our influence. Few would disagree that the preservation and strengthening of cultural craft practices – something that is passed down for generations – has great value, yet it cannot be measured by counting the one artisan that participates in ASSET.

Getting an estimate of indirect beneficiaries beyond a simple guess is possible. For that, a well thought out rationale is necessary to justify each type of beneficiary included. Below is a chart of all the indirect beneficiaries that Artistri Sud has the pleasure of impacting with your help!