Annual Reports

How we measure our effectiveness and maximize your donation.


Artistri Sud

Artistri Sud is a registered Canadian charity founded in 2009 to support women’s empowerment around the world. By developing their capacity, we help women create sustainable livelihoods for themselves.  Greater financial autonomy and the ability to generate their own income empowers them to exert a positive influence in their families and their communities. 

The world can be a better place; empowered women will make it happen.

Artistri Sud Measures Impact on Women’s Lives

40% of married women that contributed less than half of household income now bring in an equal amount or more

92% of women in the program reported an increase in their overall household income after completing the program

Women double their involvement in their community within one year of completing the program.

Graduates’ incomes increased by an average of 67% within one year.

The women in the program also create new jobs in their community, with an average of 2.3 jobs created post program

100% of women reported feeling more confident, included and successful after having completed the program