What You Can Do

Artistri Sud is committed to ensuring raised funds are used effectively to pursue its mission. Donations are used directly by the organization on training programs in developing countries. As the organization is almost fully volunteer-based, the majority of donations go directly to implementing programs for what we believe is the key to fighting poverty and building better lives; empowering women.

The women we work with are among the poorest in the world, and the income they create from their handicrafts or farming is essential to sustain their families.

And women who earn a living have an incredibly powerful positive impact not just on their families and local communities, but even on the national and global economy.  Women who earn income invest in the health, nutrition, and education of their boy AND girl children, which in turn results in a reduction in infant mortality, maternal mortality, the transmission of STDs, and an increase in per capita GDP.


The world can be a better place; empowered women will make it happen.

Why I Give To Artistri Sud

Artistri Sud helps women realize who they really are and what they can do for themselves, for their families and for their communities. When they finish the training they are ready to lead an unstoppable change that has impact on an incredible number of people. Donating to Artistri Sud means fighting poverty, battling violence against women and building a solid future in their own country for the families reached by its programs.


I chose Artistri Sud because of the transformational nature of the training offered to the artisans and the direct impact it has on their future. I think it is important to help women in poverty above all because they are the ones that suffer most in tough conditions. I also firmly believe that women really get things done more effectively. Artistri Sud is teaching durable skills and knowledge… not just patching things temporarily, so donations have a huge impact! 


Monthly Donors


You can empower women and change lives all year long by joining our group of compassionate monthly givers. Monthly contributions provide Artistri Sud with a stable and predictable source of funds that makes planning ahead so much easier!


It’s easy and convenient – just a one-time setup.


Increase, reduce or cancel anytime.


Do more good without impacting your lifestyle.

How your donation helps

Over the course of one year, a monthly contribution of

$40 will cover one year of support coaching for one woman

$25 will cover all food and housing for one woman for the 5-day program
$10 will pay for the training manual and other learning materials for one woman
$5 will pay for the housing or transportation for one woman for the entire program


Thank you for helping us empower and lift women out of poverty!

Donate your time

Do you want to make a difference?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to have a real impact, consider joining Artistri Sud! Work with an energetic and committed team at a growing, grassroots organization and see how you can actually shape how things are done. We’re looking for a variety of people with different skill sets and experience levels to assist us in our mission to empower women in developing countries through entrepreneurship programs. We need your help!


Student internships

Student internships are available and offer an excellent developmental opportunity for students with an interest in gaining valuable work experience in the nonprofit sector. Ideal applicants are willing to learn and able to meet deadlines. Internships require a regular commitment of 3-5 hours/week from September to May.


Skills-based volunteering and consulting

Do you have special skills? Are you an experienced professional from a related sector? We need help in many areas of our work–this is a powerful way to give back.


Please Contact Us to apply.