This fall, Artistri Sud will be piloting a brand new approach to delivering our transformative Leadership and entrepreneurship programs. Developed by our Program Development Team in conjunction with partners in the field, the new methodology will allow us to deliver our world class educational programs in the context of the COVID-19 restrictions.  

“It’s been largely ignored by the mainstream press, but there is plenty of irrefutable data on how the current situation is affecting women far more than men.  It’s setting them back decades,” laments Artistri Sud founder and CEO, Dr. Jennifer Lonergan.  “We’re really pleased that we’ll be able to deliver our powerful and much-needed programs this year, despite the circumstances.”

Two organizations in Vietnam have already enthusiastically signed on to partner with Artistri Sud to build capacity among 125 women living in poverty, including the respected Australian NGO, Action on Poverty.  This represents the largest program Artistri Sud has implemented to date. 

women's empowerment in Vietnam

Artistri Sud’s hybrid learning model is essential to empowering women despite COVID-19 restrictions. Donate here to help ensure that this program impacts as many women as possible.