We were lucky to count Sigma Asset Management/ Lamarre-Lalonde Group of National Bank Financial Wealth Management, among our corporate sponsors for our 2019 Tales of Triumph Gala, which allowed us to dedicate more funds towards our Artistri Sud Social Entrepreneurship Training (ASSET) programs.
In this blog post, we invite you to get to know Guy Lalonde, one of the partners behind The Lamarre-Lalonde Group, to learn about the reasons why he feels committed to Artistri Sud’s mission and to discover how he intends to further contribute to women empowerment.

Who is Guy Lalonde?

Guy Lalonde is one of the partners behind The Lamarre-Lalonde Group, a team of advisors and portfolio managers at National Bank Financial Wealth Management offering wealth and portfolio management services to individual clients and foundations, which he co-founded with Christian Lamarre in 2006, based on unique portfolio and risk management principles. Over the years, the group grew and it now counts 5 members, who manage a little over $500 million in client assets.

Since taking over his wife, Andrea’s, clients nearly a decade ago, Guy has been the financial advisor to Jennifer Lonergan, founder and CEO of Artistri Sud.  But it wasn’t until last year that he actively asked about Jennifer’s work with Artistri Sud. Finding himself amazed by the success stories and concrete accomplishments of this human-size NPO, he decided to sponsor the 2019 Tales of Triumph Gala, the annual fundraising event of Artistri Sud.

Why did Guy Lalonde choose Artistri Sud’s mission among many other laudable causes?

“It seems that the world faces more challenges than ever,” observes Guy, “and there is an endless number of great causes to care about out there. But I believe that solutions to these challenges can only come from a society in which women are empowered and made free to contribute their unique talents and strengths.  And what Artistri Sud is doing is directly addressing that issue.”

Father of two wonderful children, including a magical 4-year-old girl, Guy shared that in addition to the concerns he has as a parent about the world his children will live in as adults, he is particularly concerned about opportunities for girls. “The idea that in some parts of the world, someone’s little girl would not have the life, security, and aspirations she so greatly deserves simply because she is a girl is unthinkable to me.”

Sincerely moved by the mission, Guy wanted to go beyond a one-time sponsorship to Artistri Sud.  So the Lamarre-Lalonde Group will be putting in place a special referral program, supported by the National Bank, which will allow Guy’s team to actively support women’s empowerment in the context of their day-to-day work.  This special program ensures that a percentage of management fees on accounts referred to the Group by Artistri Sud are donated directly to the organization over a period of three years.  This longer-term commitment will be an enormous help in providing some stability so Artistri Sud can plan more effectively for the future.   For more information about this unique opportunity feel free to contact us at info@artistrisud.org.

We are delighted to welcome Guy Lalonde to the Artistri Sud family!