As Artistri Sud continues to grow and develop, we are always pushing ourselves to adapt and evolve in accordance with our surroundings. This summer, we were actively looking for a way to create an even greater impact during our programs through the input of a new advisory council. Our current programs are carefully tailored by professionals and experts in the field to address the ongoing needs of program participants, female entrepreneurs. And of course, with every program, reflections are made in order to better the programs for future women entrepreneurs.

This summer, we at Artistri Sud decided to take another large step towards ameliorating our curriculum. Our program outcomes already include results such as a growth in income by 94% on average, and large-scale increases in community involvement by graduates. However, we wanted even better outcomes. This is where our Women of Change Advisory Council came into play. On International Women’s Day this year, we launched our Women’s Empowerment Accelerator. And this summer, we reached out to top female leaders in the professional world to ask for their help. We wanted to know how we could adjust our curriculum in order to increase the empowerment results in our programs, and what areas needed to be enhanced in order for this to happen.

We asked these women in top leadership positions about their own experiences navigating the corporate and business world as a female. What experiences they had had in topics such as mentorship, building trust with other women, networking, leadership, and financial literacy. We asked these women what made the difference for them in their careers, and what they needed in order to help their careers move forward. Thanks to the generous efforts of these 17 incredible women, we compiled our findings from this Advisory Council, identifying areas in our curriculum that can be enhanced to improve empowerment outcomes.


Below is the report we created: a compilation of the insightful advice provided by council members. Take a look below to see how we will be building our program and curriculum further as we launch two more programs in 2021.


For more information and reflections on our Women of Change Advisory Council, check out our LinkedIn page here. And check out our website for more upcoming events, we would love to see you at our next one!