By Jennifer Lonergan

Reflections on Failure — What lessons did you learn this year?

It’s that post-mortem time of year again.  Implicit in our setting (or refusing to set) resolutions for the future is the spirit of looking back on what worked less well for us in the year that is coming to a close.   As a follow-up to last month’s reflections on failure, here are a few […]

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What did you fail at in 2017? Reflections on failure, entrepreneurship, and empowerment.

failure success entrepreneurship women

The close of the year is traditionally a time for reflection and resolutions.  On the last day of 2017, Artistri Sud founder and director, Jennifer Lonergan, looks back at the last year and shares some of her reflections from the front lines of the organization’s empowering entrepreneurship program for women artisans.   Sara Blakely, queen […]

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“What did you fail at today?” Reflections on failure from the front lines.

failure success entrepreneurship

Reflections on failure from the front lines of Artistri Sud’s empowering entrepreneurship program for women artisans.   A few years ago, Sara Blakely, queen of the Spanx empire, once told an interviewer that at the family dinner table, when she was growing up, her father would ask her and her brother daily, “What did you […]

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Dispatches from the field: The training that changes women’s lives.

At the end of October, Artistri Sud Executive Director, Jennifer Lonergan, spent 7 days in rural Chile, overseeing the implementation of the organization’s successful entrepreneurship training program. In this first instalment of the series in which she shares her reflections from the field, she tells us some of the highlights from the most recent program. […]

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Do you want to help? We’re now looking for volunteers!

Volunteers needed in September! Fall brings with it the promise of the new school year–even for those of us who aren’t in school any more!  It’s a time of new beginnings, and nowhere is this more true than at Artistri Sud.  We are gearing up for another year of impact in the communities where we […]

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