Artistri Sud is pleased to announce the appointment of Antonella Castellana as Acting Chair of Donor Relations. 
Having spent almost 40 years in the global tourism industry–from client-facing to senior leadership roles–Antonella became well-acquainted with the lamentable position of women in the world and the need for them to generate sustainable income for themselves.  “When women are in charge, many wonderful changes take place in her family and also outside her family,” she notes.  Antonella and her husband Garo are both donors and Antonella has just committed to being a Champion of Change–she will be spearheading efforts to grow that group of dedicated repeat donors to support two of Artistri Sud’s key strategic initiatives, namely: development of an innovative new program leveraging tourism for revenue-generation for women, and delivering its flagship entrepreneurship-for-empowerment program in Cameroon early next year.
Antonella Castellana
Antonella was an active member of the Tales of Triumph annual event organizing committee in 2020–its most successful year ever and previously volunteered on the Ecuador 2019 project committee, supporting pre-production phases of implementation of Artistri Sud’s entrepreneurship and leadership programs in Santo Domingo, Ecuador.    “Artistri Sud is making a real difference at a grassroots level, effecting real change for women and so, for the world.  It’s very moving and I’m very pleased to be helping in this important effort however I can.”