Xin Chao from Vietnam! Excitement saturates the air at Artistri Sud as we roll out our pilot Hybrid Synchronous Learning Model after months of brainstorming sessions, email exchanges, research, and financial investments. And all for a noble cause of supporting more than 100 women in Vietnam in their transition from subsistence to independence, low sense of self to leadership, and from scraping by to plenty.

Our Vietnam program which was officially launched on November 13 and ends November 19th, is reaching 7 different towns and villages simultaneously from the central training location in Hoa Binh province.  Employing a hybrid of technology (livestreaming core principles from the centre) and in-person training (for learning activities and discussion) means we can reach a wide variety of women from regions all over the north of Vietnam.  This span of different geographic locations means more 

women are becoming empowered and an increase in networking between diverse groups. Looks like necessity really is the mother of invention and we have Covid restrictions to thank for this innovation. We are especially looking forward to the exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different communities. Pictured above is a Vietnam Program meeting occurring via Zoom! 

Our Unique Year-Long Coaching Program

Mentorship has been shown to produce better outcomes: Increased self-confidence, improvement of goal setting, a higher drive to achieve, and a higher probability of actualisation of goals.  When the intensive week-long boot camp finishes, a unique year-long coaching program begins.  

Graduates co-create their learning plan for the year and this learning plan provides the structure needed to help integrate and practice what they learned.  Specially-trained team leaders provide feedback:These leaders have attended two days of intensive training in preparation for this role, and are coached themselves throughout the year by Artistri Sud coaches. “This longer-term, tailored approach translates into better ways of running their businesses, higher income, and higher status in their communities,” said Artistri Sud founder Jennifer Lonergan. “They also become financially stable enough to escape conditions that have a negative effect on their quality of life, and are better able to provide for their families and ensure a safe environment for their children.”

And this is why we need your help. We invite you to help us make the lives of these women, their families, and their communities easier and better. Help us make the one-year coaching a reality by clicking here to donate . To volunteer with us, click here. Together we can make the world a better place, one woman at a time.