Artistri Sud would like to express our utmost appreciation for the generous donations made on December 3rd, in honor of Giving Tuesday.

Giving Tuesday, often known as #GivingTuesday, is an international movement that focuses on giving back after many indulge in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. On this day, people are asked to donate their time or money to charities around the world.

This year, our target was $15,000.  In the end, our goal was not only met, but surpassed! We received $32,000 in donations that will help women to become leaders and entrepreneurs in their communities. Our target was surpassed particularly due to our generous matching donors. We had matching gifts of up to $8,000 which truly helps us to have a bigger impact on communities. A huge thanks to all the donors who made this possible!

Our original target of $15,000 was made with a specific purpose in mind. With that amount, Artistri Sud would be able to train 10 women to go from being leaders to official trainers for the program. Now, Artistri Sud will be able to do that, and so much more. Just last week, our team said goodbye to 91 amazing women in Vietnam who were partaking in our intensive training program.

These generous contributions allow us to run successful projects and expand further in the future. There is still the opportunity to participate in the holiday spirit of giving and donate before the end of tax season. A little bit goes a long way!

Thank you, now and always, for supporting in Artistri Sud’s mission and goals!

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Artistri Sud est un organisme de bienfaisance qui soutient l’autonomisation des femmes par le développement deleurs capacités à se créer des moyens de subsistance durables. | Artistri Sud is a registered charity which supports women’s empowerment by developing their capacity to create a sustainable livelihood.