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This holiday season, send a card and empower an artisan!

This holiday season, spread the joy at home and around the world by sending an Artistri Sud card to a loved one. For just $15, you can help give the gift of entrepreneurship training to struggling women artisans around the world. To donate and send a card, click here. Include the recipient’s email address as […]

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Artistri Sud’s Impact: Both Global and Local!

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On Friday, November 8th and Saturday, November 9th, Artistri Sud participated in the Loyola Fall Craft Fair at Concordia University’s Loyola Campus, Montreal. Along with 29 local artisans, including students and staff of Concordia University, we sold our beautiful, ethically-traded crafts and got a chance to engage with our community while spreading the word about […]

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Training artisans in Bolivia: truly gratifying

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“This is going to be a long week,” I thought to myself when I learned that Artistri Sud’s pilot project would entail five twelve-hour days, followed by debriefs and prep time for the next day’s work. I was excited, but as a recent university graduate, I associated marathon workdays with stress, exhaustion—and exams. My experience […]

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The Bolivia Project: Weaving a Living

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Fortunada weaving in Bolivia

Landlocked between the west coast and an imposing Brazil on its right, Bolivia is South America’s poorest country–over half of its people live in poverty—and has been plagued by a history of political instability. Although blessed with abundant natural resources, its economy is largely concentrated in mining and exports but little else. Most of those living […]

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