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After Mothers’ Day, what now?

This past Sunday marked the most commonly celebrated Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a symbolic celebration of those women who have guided and supported you throughout your life- it does not matter whether the woman you celebrate is your biological mother or not. It is a holiday where we return the support we have received […]

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Training artisans in Bolivia: truly gratifying

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“This is going to be a long week,” I thought to myself when I learned that Artistri Sud’s pilot project would entail five twelve-hour days, followed by debriefs and prep time for the next day’s work. I was excited, but as a recent university graduate, I associated marathon workdays with stress, exhaustion—and exams. My experience […]

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Why Mother’s Day Matters

On Mother’s Day, people around the world celebrate the love and strength of the women in their lives. Biological or adoptive, by your side or there in spirit: the role that female figures occupy is sacred. Yet ‘mother’ is never the only part women play in the vitality of their families and communities. “The working […]

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