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Artistri Sud’s Founder Jennifer Lonergan to speak about women’s empowerment in Ottawa

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Artistri Sud’s Founder Jennifer Lonergan to speak about women’s empowerment in Ottawa – March 21st Artistri Sud is joining up with the Center for International Policy Studies at the University of Ottawa, Global Affairs Canada and the Conference Board of Canada for a discussion about women’s economic empowerment. We believe that it is so important to […]

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Economic Empowerment–an Instrument for Reproductive Empowerment

When more women work, economies grow and knowledge expands. The benefit of helping women entrepreneurs goes far beyond economic stability. An increase in the number of females in the labour force allows not only for growth in the economy but also for greater gender equality. In today’s world, more and more people speak to the […]

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The 5P’s of entrepreneurial spirit

“Entrepreneurs are not ‘born’…. rather they ‘become’ through the experiences of their lives.”- Professor Albert Shapiro. Here at Artistri Sud, we cultivate our training program to be one of these experiences that inspires entrepreneurial spirit. The most commonly stated entrepreneurial characteristic is that the individual is willing to take a risk in return for the chance […]

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Volunteer Opportunities at Artistri Sud


Happy New Year! It’s 2017. Have you made any resolutions? If you’re like most people, the new year is a time for reflection and commitment to new and improved ways of being in our lives. Along with a better diet and more time at the gym, lots of folks resolve to give back. Since experts […]

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Women’s empowerment, feminism and photography

Looking through Karene’s camera Far from the limelight of the media, somewhere in Chile, are dreams, ambitions and aspirations of ordinary women that Karene-Isabelle Jean-Baptiste seeks to capture on her camera. As a young feminist, empowerment is the first step towards feminism for Karene, which she describes as equality of opportunity for both men and […]

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