Monthly Giving

Join Artistri Sud’s Monthly Giving Program!


ice-breaker_self_identifying_3Guess what? You can empower women and change lives all year long!

How? Join our group of compassionate monthly givers and become a Friend of Artistri Sud.

By doing so you’re making a donation on a monthly basis. But it’s so much more than that. You’re making a commitment to support and empower women. You’re giving women in developing countries opportunities they otherwise could only dream of. You’re giving them the chance to change their lives.

And on top of all that, monthly giving just makes sense:

  1. It’s affordable – decide on a monthly contribution that’s easy to budget.
  2. It’s easy and convenient – there’s just a one-time setup making it time-saving and hassle-free!
  3. It’s flexible – you have the freedom to cancel or change your donation amount at any time
  4. Monthly contributions provide Artistri Sud with a stable and predictable source of funds – which makes planning ahead so much easier!

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How your donation helps

Over the course of one year, a monthly contribution of

  • $40 will cover one year of support coaching for one woman
  • $25 will cover all food and housing for one woman for the 5-day program
  • $10 will pay for the training manual and other learning materials for one woman
  • $5 will pay for the housing or transportation for one woman for the entire program

Give monthly, invest in women, change lives. Sign up today!

Join our Monthly Giving Program today! Fill out our online donation form and be sure to check the Monthly Donation button to make your monthly contribution!

Thank you for helping us empower and lift women out of poverty!