The Bolivia Project: Weaving a Living

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Fortunada weaving in Bolivia

Landlocked between the west coast and an imposing Brazil on its right, Bolivia is South America’s poorest country–over half of its people live in poverty—and has been plagued by a history of political instability. Although blessed with abundant natural resources, its economy is largely concentrated in mining and exports but little else. Most of those living […]

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Artistri Sud working with women’s coop in Zimbabwe

Working with women in Zimbabwe

Artistri Sud recently conducted a needs assessment of the women’s craft cooperative, the Bonda Women’s Arts and Crafts Centre (BWACC) in rural Zimbabwe.The BWACC was formed 20 years ago and constituted an important revenue source for the women, who made batiks using sadza, a sort of porridge made of maize meal instead of wax.  When the […]

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Niger Challenge

A cooperative in Niger headed by a president who is largely responsible for commercialization of products expresses a desire to sell more products. A needs assessment reveals that such commercialization and marketing activities as are underway are not generating long-term business. A number of technological and material impediments exist—access to internet, digital cameras, and other […]

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