Artistri Sud is very happy to announce that starting this Giving Tuesday on November 27th, we are launching a new sponsorship program: the Sponsor-a-Trainee donation program, which we hope will be an even more meaningful and fun way to give!

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Our Women of Northern Vietnam

This year, the women enrolled in the Vietnam program belong to various ethnic minorities, come from three different regions of Northern Vietnam, and mostly speak their own language, Hmong.

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Eli’s Triumph

First graduate of Artistri Sud's Train-the-Trainer program to lead her own training program.  “I thought, how can I not believe in myself when a team of people and a group of experienced artisans believe in me? When I was in front of the artisans, telling my story,...

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How do we measure our full impact?

How do we measure the impact of our work here at Artistri Sud? This is an important concern for a nonprofit organization, to help us track our performance and improve wherever possible. We want to show you how far your support goes and give you a sense of the lives you have helped change.

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