By Jordana Armstrong

Jordana’s Files: Empowering Women Like Sylvia

Jordana is a budding social entrepreneur with experience in non-profits and start-ups. In her current gig she analyzes new social innovations coming out of the University of Calgary. Jordana is an avid traveller, and has lived/studied/worked in Victoria, Montreal, New York City, Hong Kong, Italy, and her hometown of Edmonton. Sylvia, mother of three, is […]

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The intern’s files: ASSET training in Chile

Jennifer and Karen speak to program members on day 1 of ASSET training.

This July, Artistri Sud implemented ASSET training for 20 Mapuche women in Chile.  Jordana Armstrong, volunteer program assistant, shared some of her notes and observations throughout the program, starting with the launch of the crowdfunding campaign she coordinated to help support it. July 15: T-4 days until the launch — the program schedule is finalized. Check out […]

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Training artisans in Bolivia: truly gratifying

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“This is going to be a long week,” I thought to myself when I learned that Artistri Sud’s pilot project would entail five twelve-hour days, followed by debriefs and prep time for the next day’s work. I was excited, but as a recent university graduate, I associated marathon workdays with stress, exhaustion—and exams. My experience […]

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