By Disha Jani

‘Intern’al Thoughts: I heart collaboration?

I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to be Artistri Sud’s Stakeholder Relations Coordinator for the summer when I found out about it through one of my professors. I’m a Poli Sci student at McGill, and I think that there is nothing more rewarding than contributing to a world that has given me so many […]

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Why Mother’s Day Matters

On Mother’s Day, people around the world celebrate the love and strength of the women in their lives. Biological or adoptive, by your side or there in spirit: the role that female figures occupy is sacred. Yet ‘mother’ is never the only part women play in the vitality of their families and communities. “The working […]

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Sneak peek at our speakers for Tales of Triumph

Can’t wait for Wednesday to hear inspiring Tales of Triumph? Here’s a hint of what’s to come. Judy Servay: Judy Servay is the founder and general manager of Robin des Bois, a non-profit restaurant in the Plateau neighbourhood of Montreal. 100 % of the profits from the restaurant go to local charities. The idea for […]

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The Bolivia Project: Weaving a Living

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Fortunada weaving in Bolivia

Landlocked between the west coast and an imposing Brazil on its right, Bolivia is South America’s poorest country–over half of its people live in poverty—and has been plagued by a history of political instability. Although blessed with abundant natural resources, its economy is largely concentrated in mining and exports but little else. Most of those living […]

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