By Marie Bernard-Brind'Amour

New skin care business Etymologie supports women’s empowerment

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Women empowering women through business in Canada and around the world. Former Artistri Sud volunteer and biochemistry researcher Raquela Cheesmond has just launched Etymologie, a skincare line that is 100% plant-based, cruelty-free, and sustainable.  Etymologie and Raquela have committed to fully sponsoring one participant in Artistri Sud’s programs with a $2500 gift in 2018.  In support of […]

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How your donation empowers women across the globe

With economic equality so closely linked to the empowerment of individuals in developing countries, it makes sense that so many organizations are specifically targeting women with assistance in those communities. When women have more agency through assistance, education, and training it benefits not only them but their children and families. Children of better-educated women tend […]

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How do we measure our full impact?

How do we measure the impact of your efforts with us here at Artistri Sud? This is an important concern for a nonprofit organization, to help us track our performance and improve wherever possible. We want to show you how far your support goes and give you a sense of the lives you have changed. […]

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Isabelle Huot: Her Journey through the World of Entrepreneurship

By Isabelle Huot, nutritionist, dietitian, founder of Kilo Solutions, and winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Artistri Sud’s 2017 Tales of Triumph event.  Translated from French by Marie Bernard-Brind’Amour  I always dreamed of being a missionary in Africa. After studying psychology and occupational therapy, I chose nutrition, with the intention of organizing missions in […]

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Why is Peer Support Important for Entrepreneurs?

In recent years, passionate individuals with innovative ideas have established various social enterprises aimed at bringing change, increasingly focusing on individuality and following their dreams. Social enterprises allow for a more prosperous economy and play a major role in changing society through various inventive projects.  However, very often, stepping into the shoes of an entrepreneur […]

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