Lifetime Achiever 2018: Danièle Henkel

Artistri Sud’s 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient: Danièle Henkel

Artistri Sud’s prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and promotes a woman’s outstanding contribution in the field of entrepreneurship. This contribution takes the form of innovation, variety, success over time, improvement of the field, or other. Importantly, the contributions are be above and beyond the everyday and serve as an inspiration to other women in the sector.  In previous years, we have presented this award to business leader in translation and interpretation services Patricia Dyke and famous British-American TV personality Debbie Travis.

So, we are happy to announce that this year’s Artistri Sud Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Danièle Henkel!

About Artistri Sud’s 2018 Lifetime Achiever: Danièle Henkel

Danièle is a powerhouse businesswoman who started out marketing an exfoliating body glove and has gone on to become an industry leader in non-invasive beauty with affiliates across Canada. Her eponymous businesses have paved the way for wellness and positioned “beauty in all truth” as a new social standard. Danièle Henkel is a woman who transforms all challenges into conquests, whether professional or personal. As a result of her roles as speaker, author and philanthropist, she empowers several generations of women. 

Join us on February 27 as we honor Danièle Henkel – ex-Dragon Den judge – at our annual Tales of Triumph event. 

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