How your donation empowers women across the globe

With economic equality so closely linked to the empowerment of individuals in developing countries, it makes sense that so many organizations are specifically targeting women with assistance in those communities.

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When women have more agency through assistance, education, and training it benefits not only them but their children and families. Children of better-educated women tend to be more educated themselves, reduce the likelihood of child marriage, and give them greater agency in their day to day lives.

When you donate to Artistri Sud you not only donate to help women in developing communities start businesses, you become part of a movement that gives women the tools to be able to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs. Our program gives women the ability to teach the very same skills they learned during their training and improve the education of women in the community.

Traditionally programs that have work to help women in developing countries have focused on micro-loans and financial assistance to women which, while important for growing their businesses, doesn’t address the entire situat

ion.Women who already have the skills and knowledge of setting up their own businesses and managing expenses.

But where does that leave women who haven’t had the same opportunities to as those women?

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Artistri Sud helps to build stronger ties between women in their own communities by building a lasting support network of women that will continue to empower and give agency to women around them after they’ve gone through our program. That way when women leave the program they come out with an idea of how to run a business and the skills to be able to take advantage of those ideas and concepts.

Participants in the Artistri Sud’s ASSET program report that they are involved in 3-5 community organizations on average and that 79% of them felt they were more involved in their community. Women who took part in our program in Bolivia saw their revenues on average go up by 57%.

Outside of the economic and community benefits, women who were part of the program also reported that communication with their families had greatly improved and that they saw themselves as leaders and entrepreneurs. When women in developing communities succeed, that success is reflected in the rest of the community as well, regardless of gender.

Artistri Sud has been working with women since 2009 with a goal of building change and empowering women in a way that is lasting and effective. Your donation allows us to stay committed to our mission and gives you the chance to be a part of something more meaningful than just a financial transaction.

Donating today will change the lives of woman entrepreneurs and allow us to keep building on our mission of teaching women ethical and sustainable business practices around the world.

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