A Salute to the Impact of Mothers

by Annalise Vukets

Whether your mother braided hair, drove car pool and baked, or was physically or emotionally absent, there is no doubt that she has had some form of impact on your life. Artistri Sud would like to take Mother’s Day as an opportunity to say thank you to all of the mothers out there changing lives and shaping the change-makers of the future.

According to Merriam-Webster ‘mother’ is someone who has a child, but also someone who cares for or protects someone. In defining the role of a mother, there are many interpretations. However, there is consistently an emphasis around nurturing and teaching the next generation. When we look at it this way, ‘mother’ spans more than genetics, more than gender. A single Dad can be a mother, or a woman who helped you through thick and thin could be a mother, just as much as the women who gave birth to you could be an amazing mother.

The impact of a maternal figure stretches far and wide. Physically, there is the obvious and significant impact of genetics in defining who we are and will become. Brain images have recently revealed how nurturing from a primary caregiver physically affects the volume of a child’s hippocampus positively affecting development and memory. This proves how nurture has the power to change nature. In terms of emotional impact, instead of trying to describe it, we ask you to think back to a time when a maternal or nurturing figure made you feel really special and talented. Did that make you smile? Words cannot even describe the value that emotional support from a mother can provide. We challenge you to send a quick message to the person you just thought of, maybe even just to share the message, to say thank you.

At Artistri Sud, we recognize that mothers are often the first immense support that begins to empower their daughters. They push their daughters to create goals, assure them that they can set their mind to achieve success, and transfer a variety of skills to ensure that they do so. These can of course include artisanal skills for example, but also attributes such as leadership, responsibility, and dedication. This, in turn, can spread all around, with women lifting each other up and passing on these traits, not only to their own children but to their peers as well. Our programs encourage and ensure this important ripple effect that is so beneficial to women all around the world.

Today is the day where we thank you for your impact moms. We are grateful for your unseen and often unnoticed influence on the good in the world.

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