Throwback Thursday: ASSET Training in Bolivia!

Two years ago, we were in Bolivia, empowering women artisans to sustainably generate their own revenue. Artistri Sud’s Social Entrepreneurship Training Program resulted in a 57% increase in revenue for these women, and it opened their eyes to their potential as leaders. Watch our Throwback Thursday!

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  1. mary says:

    Hi Everyone.
    I have been receiving your newsletter for a few years now and I will be travellig to Bolivia later this year. I would love to visit the women crafters and buy some of their products. Where are they situated?



  2. Artistri Sud says:

    Hi! Congratulations on your trip to Bolivia and thank you for following our work! If you’re going to Bolivia, we can recommend that you get in touch with the RED OEPAIC–they are a network of local artisans’ associations, including Tajzara, a local association in Tarija that we’ve partnered with on our entrepreneurship programs. Keep us posted!

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