Artistri Sud launches crowdfunding campaign to support Chile Project

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Genoveva stands by her loom. Mapuche weavers will participate in Artistri Sud’s ASSET program in July.

Our crowdfunding goal

Starting July 20, Artistri Sud is delivering its life-changing training program in Chile. To help fund the project, we’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign, and there are only 28 days left to donate. Every bit of support matters and goes toward making a difference in the indigenous Mapuche women’s lives. These women are among the poorest in the world, and we need your help to empower them to generate their own revenue sustainably.

What is Ñymikan?

Ñymikan comes from Mapuzungun, the Mapuche language. It is the act of making symbols, specifically on the loom. It is at once a profoundly cultural act of reproducing ancient symbols full of meaning, and a highly skilled task that produces beautiful woven handicrafts.

Ñymikan is an action that unites cultural and economic empowerment. It is the inspiration behind Artistri Sud’s newest project.

Today, women comprise 70% of the world’s poor. The women Artistri Sud works with are among the poorest in the world, and the income they create from their handicrafts is essential to sustain their families, and lift their communities.

Why this project in Chile?

Ñymikan is an initiative developed by a group of indigenous Mapuche weavers from two rural communities in Chile. These women approached Artistri Sud with a goal: to increase their financial autonomy and create opportunities to earn income locally and sustainably by building on their skills as artisanal weavers.

As among other vulnerable populations, Mapuche artisans often lack the resources, training, confidence, and access to information needed to benefit from the business opportunities that their talent could provide them. They tend to approach production in an informal and disorganized way.

Yet Chilean and international markets provide many opportunities for indigenous artisans to generate sustainable and meaningful income for their families and at the same time, maintain and develop important cultural practices that value their talents.

Artistri Sud teaches women entrepreneurs the skills they need to create sustainable micro-enterprises.

Why donate?

Through Artistri Sud’s previous programs in Bolivia, Cambodia, and Zimbabwe, there have been real results. In Bolivia, participants averaged a 57% increase in sales, reported better relationships with their families and peers, and more confidence to pursue their goals.

Your support for Artistri Sud’s crowdfunding campaign will bring strong renewable income to these women and their communities. Donate today!


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