Finding new markets for traditional crafts

blue grey scarf web2Having worked with women in Asia, Africa and Latin America, we know that they could really use a hand finding potential markets in the developed world. Our objective is sustainability, and in the short-term, that will mean concrete steps to support the women to find buyers for their products.

For that reason, in the fall of 2012, we assembled a team to explore options for business development, research the local market, and develop a business plan. This team includes three experienced business and finance professionals, as well as two researchers. A hybrid business model which would support the women’s sales and generate revenue for Artistri Sud is currently under consideration.

Right now, products made by craftswomen in Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Bolivia are on sale in selected Montreal shops (Cartes, etc., Mai and Renée Lévesque). It is our goal to find more such opportunities in Montreal, and eventually, elsewhere.

The shawls in the photos are handwoven in Bolivia.
Model: Megan Jones
Photo Credit: Matias Garabedian

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